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Slovenian gallop Society, Slovenian Turf  is representing Home and regulatory Authority in Slovenia, which was confirmed in 1998 with a decree by the Goverment of Republic Slovenia. Since 2001 the Society is operating as a member of International gallop organization IFHA.
Slovenian gallop Society is operating with the agreement, which was made with the Republic Tehnical Service of horse-breeding, in connection with the Institute for rearing and sanitary protection of hoofed animals, which is located on the Veterinarian faculty University of Ljubljana. This service has also all compentences over family-trees of full-blooded horses, so that Republic Tehnical Service of horse-breeding besides all other tasks, that are related to other horse breeds, represent the seat of Stud book of english ful-blooded horses in slovenian rearing.
Gallop has no tradition in Slovenia, because the population of english full-blooded horses is formed on a small number of animals, which are, in racial part of population, in most cases imported.
The Stud book was established in 1993 on the initiative of small number of owners, but sources of organized gallop races itself go back to 1997 and 1998.
The mission and priority task of our organization is, besides assurance of integrity on racing days through society activities, seminar and connections here and abroad, bringing gallop to level, which belongs to this branch in gallop developed countries.
In wish, that on this page we will give you some useful information and make You, dear visitors of this web site, enthusiastic about any gallop collaboration is our intention more than achieved.

Kind gallop greeting,

Toni Šturm
The president and executive director of Slovenian Turf Club


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